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Electrical system maintenance and maintenance process

Common electrical problems:

  • 70% of fires are caused by electrical incidents

Electrical systems and related devices:

a) Causes

Currently, leakage and electric shock are the leading causes of fire and explosion in our country. Through the process of operating in the field, we have summarized a number of reasons causing the leakage and short-circuit problems as follows:

– The circuit is flickering due to poor connection, insulation tape is not good, Overload on the line. Loaded wire is poor quality conductor.

– Degradation protection device.

– Due to insects infestation.

b) Maintenance directions and workarounds:

– Check the entire electrical system, wiring of connection circuits.

– Check the load on each transmission line when carrying the load, in accordance with the load requirements on each line.

– Balance the phase system on 3 phase power system.

– Replace poor-quality strings or strings bitten by insects.

– Regularly check the load of closed devices.

– Replace and edit electrical equipment in each area.

– Replace devices (CB, MCB, MCCB), improper connection to the electrical network.

c) The plan to overcome electric fire and explosion incidents, put the power source safely in the working time of apartment buildings and office buildings: < / strong>

– Isolate the short-circuit area.

– Bring other devices to work normally.

– Analyze the cause and give the best solution.

– Replace and return the device to normal operation.

– Analyze the cause and ask to check the entire system. (Usually this error occurs in the improper connection operation of new tradesmen.)

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Fire protection system is one of the most important and indispensable systems for apartment buildings, factories … today. It plays a very important role in protecting property and human life.

Developers often have to spend a large amount of money to install a fire and fire alarm system … However, after completing and putting into operation and use, many systems meet the axis. In many cases, because there are many systems that have not been inspected for a long time, by the time the fire does not work or is ineffective, some other difficulties in the process of use are because the user does not grasp the entire system … causing great damage to property and human life, making initial investment ineffective.

If the process is correct, then the inspection of these systems is carried out on a weekly basis and is required by the PCCC to maintain regular maintenance, so that the systems will always be healthy, direct operators The operator will be more proficient than ready when a problem occurs.

Must respond to fire hydrotherapy that occurs in any situation. There is no reason to damage this, lack of that “stunned” and then take personal responsibility.


1. Check the fire pump system:

– Check the operation status of the control panel of fire pumps:
– Check the phase indicator light: to test whether the 3-phase power supply is out of phase.
– Lamp Overload alarm: to test if the pump is overheated or overloaded.
– Check the volt meter, amperes: see if the input voltage value is sufficient.
– Check the output operation of the cabinet (always in auto mode).
– Check the total CB + CB control the pump: see if the CB has an abnormal incident, the CB is always ON.
– Intermediate relay + Delay timer: test whether the contacts are switched off well.
– Check the automatic tank charger: AC voltage and DC power output value.
– Check Check the fire pump:
– Electric pump + booster pump:
– Check the status of the pump: is it overheating, is the speed of rotation normal, is there a strange cry, check if the machine has a power leak?
– Diesel oil pump: is it overheated, is the rotation speed normal, has sound call, check if the machine has water leak?
– Check the oil leak status of the machine.
– Check the cap: volt tank, average water level, the next pile contact, leak status of the tank.
– Check the main fire pipes leading to the floors:
– Check the valves for the main water supply pipes for the floors. /> – Check whether the main water supply pipes for the floors are leaked.
– Check the water pressure gauge.
– Check the fire hydrant system floors.

2. Check the central fire alarm system:

– Pressure of FM200
tank – Battery parameter
– Open PCCC control cabinet FM200.
– Cut the AC power supply to the FM200 control cabinet or turn off the
CB power supply for the control cabinet.
– Check to hear the beep in the control cabinet.
– The battery test test must provide at least 15 minutes.
– Connect the AC power again to the fire control panel FM200.
– Check the record of the pressure displayed on the meter .
– The pressure on the meter must be approximately 24 bar.
– To protect the system from being vented to the outside when inspecting, force the valve to activate the
The FM200 must be removed before testing the device
– Open the valve from the trigger solenoid valve connector, exit
– Note that it is required to remove the valve from the connection position before proceeding.
– Use the device to create smoke into the first sensor head. /> – Check that the two red lights on the sensor and the lights flash in the control cabinet with or without.
– Check by activating the second heat detector and check the indicator light and the cabinet bell
– How long to check if the outside light flashes with the bell activated since the smoke and heat detector is activated.
– How long to check the FM200 has an activated indicator light on the control cabinet.
hears a crackling sound from the trigger valve.
– Note that we only hear the click of the trigger valve but do not release the air because they I opened the solenoid valve or before.
– Check the manual discharge button.
– Press the Reset button in the control cabinet to turn off the bell.
– Mount the trigger valve to re-enter the old position. > – Wait 15 minutes and make sure the smoke in the equipment is gone and the server room is no longer smoke.
– Open the hood of smoke and heat detectors to clean dust

Why do you have to maintain the lightning protection system? Avoid the risks of keeping the lightning protection system at best when working.

Does the lightning protection system really need?

A lightning protection system is designed and installed to withstand multiple lightning strikes. However, it needs to be checked periodically for the entire system. The inspection works to prevent risks for equipment (such as lightning collecting needles, lightning escape cables, grounding systems) which are damaged due to weather, corrosion due to geology or human … </ p >

Inspection and maintenance standards related to direct lightning protection system.

Current standards are set according to general and mandatory regulations. The inspection of the lightning protection system, must be done by a reputable company responsible for good specialized engineers.

When should we maintain the lightning protection system?

1. The works of renovating and modifying architecture. For example, the construction works have been extended, the installation of additional equipment on the roof of the house …

2. The buildings have been directly struck by lightning.

3. When the weather is about to come in the rainy season.

4. Periodic testing at fixed time.

In general, according to regulations to ensure safety. Every year, at least check the lightning protection system once. However, for buildings with a high risk of fire and explosion. The buildings are located on the geologic area which is highly corrosive. Then the lightning protection system should check periodically every 6 months.

Lithaco company with a team of high quality engineers. Work hard to earn credibility to grow. With many years of supply and installation of lightning protection systems across all provinces. Will definitely satisfy customers.

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Derived from technicians with experienced staff in the maintenance and maintenance of electrical systems. ASIA.E company understands that it is necessary to provide electricity continuously for your business. In addition to subjective causes due to non-maintenance, periodic testing of electrical equipment, improper transportation, objective reasons related to issues such as insects, natural disasters and power quality also contribute. resulting in interruption of power supply for the system

Statistics of the cause of the problem

Common problems:
► Medium voltage cabinets:
– Medium voltage surface discharge.
– Medium relay malfunctions.
– Cannot close cutting machine.
– Medium-voltage cable discharge.
– Problems related to medium-voltage ATS system.
– Incidents of operating medium-voltage cabinets, measuring devices. < br /> ► Transformer:
– Overcurrent or ground fault occurred on MBA.
– Overheating, over-pressure on MBA.
– Discharge of transformer MBA. < br /> – Incident of insulation oil (oil MBA).
– Incident of cooling fan (Dry MBA).
► Low voltage power system:
– Overheating and heat attempt to occur with the busway, Busbar, Busduct.
– Overcurrent and ground fault occur with the system.
– Protection relay does not work.
– Incident out for ACB, MCCB, measuring equipment
– Low-voltage equipment operation problem.
– Problems related to ATS factory and building systems.
► Automation and automatic control: < br /> – Inverter trouble, Soft stater.
– PLC problem, energy monitoring communication.
– Incident of control circuit, intermediate relay.

ASIA.E employees have worked extensively with products of Schneider, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi …. We have been involved in handling many incidents related to interruption of power supply for factories and buildings. We ensure to be present and thoroughly deal with issues related to electrical systems from Recloser, FCO, medium voltage cabinets, transformers, low voltage systems and factory automation. Come to ASIA.E customers will get a professional and safe service.

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– We are one of the few specialized companies in the field of maintenance and maintenance of electrical systems, providing maintenance and repair services. reliable emergency troubleshooting.

– We provide maintenance services for industrial and commercial electrical systems, maintenance services designed to meet technical standards issued by the state.

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  • ASIA.E has many years of experience providing a wide range of electromechanical services for a wide range of tasks companies in many areas: Hotel, Trade Center, Manufacturing Factory, Apartment, Hospital, School …
  • We invest in our team of M & amp; experts and support them through employee development and training programs to ensure that the skills Their features are always up to date, providing our customers a professionally trained team to solve special tasks.
  • By developing a planned maintenance program that suits your business, we are cost effective by extending useful life of the property and minimizing the repair of damages due to inadequate maintenance.

Our services


  • Check and test electrical systems before running
  • Risk assessment program and system maintenance service
  • Emergency repairs and upgrade distribution systems
  • Renovate and install electrical systems
  • Provide, maintain and repair electric tools
  • Rental types of capacity compensation cabinets


  • Transformer station maintenance service
  • Transformer oil analysis
  • Maintenance of cutters, breakers, electrical cabinets
  • Check cables
  • Maintenance of engine starters, engine control cabinets
  • Maintain backup power supply devices, automatic transfer control, generators
  • Align protection relays
  • Instructions and training for operating electrical cabinets
  • High-cut current test, protection line
  • Check the medium and low voltage systems


  • Renovate and restore power systems
  • Repair vacuum cutters, gas cutting machines
  • Repair all kinds of breakers, knife loaders
  • Provide backup devices
  • Recover, improve the motor protection control cabinet
  • Wiring the control cabinet
  • Generator maintenance
Advanced skill

Our employees are not only knowledgeable with many years of experience, but also the necessary skills and expertise to help your electrical system work best.

Time & Cost

There is no need to wait for vendor support whenever you encounter a problem. You will save time and money when calling our service, and will quickly realize the benefits of having an ideal resource that responds quickly, and your entire process.

Prevention & Prediction

We offer two electrical system maintenance options.

Preventive maintenance and Predictive Maintenance

Customized & Convenient

Asia’s predicted maintenance programs can be customized and made at the most convenient times for customers.

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